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That pre-war burgundy house on the corner of Simina and Višnjićeva in a row of old buildings protected by the city, because the history of Belgrade was born and continues to live in our area. A meeting place for business people who get so close that they always turn into social gatherings. Delicious food in large plates (a real rarity). The most beautiful mornings of which we have made a ritual. A place where you can spend a good part of the afternoon and easily slip into the night and the party, unplanned. A beautiful garden, a story in itself, and a summer house - we have housed over 50 different pots, because green recharges the batteries. Our very good people and their energy, nothing without them!


Gift Walls @ PassengersBar is a project of affirmation of artists and an opportunity for our guests to enjoy exhibitions that change every month. We give away our walls, good energy and an atmosphere in which art will reach people spontaneously. Some pictures found their home from us.

For more details, write to us by



If you see yourself as part of the Passengers team as a waiter, bartender or cook, send us your CV or simply write to

If you have a proposal for cooperation with us, we will be happy to listen to it, call us at the number0603116041or email us. We are always open to newspapers.


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